The Story

the fifth woman the 5th woman

The 5th Woman is a collective of poets who write to radicalize the souls of women in all of their expressions and forms.

The name comes from Nina Simone's, The Four Women. Ever since Rhea, our Founder, first heard this powerful song about the feminine/femme experience years ago, she always felt as if it wasn't inclusive of hers and other's feminine experience. It reminded her of the many spaces in our culture where the woman's narrative is often silenced, especially for those who exist deeply in the margins and intersections. When Rhea began to express her narrative through the powerful tenet of spoken word poetry twenty years ago, she realized that there is healing to be found in the act of speaking our stories aloud. She then destined an addition to Simone's narrative. The fifth woman was to be named Poetry. She is, she loves, she hurts, she laughs, and she inspires. She represents all women. Poetry creates space for every woman to be heard.