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The 5th Woman Poetry Slam - Haiku time

Well, what can we say?  We have chosen the cast of "the 5th Woman" 2015 and its time for them to start working on the show.  Writing will commence this Saturday, but not before we get together and have a good time sharing some short poems known as Haikus.  

As writers, we so often find ourselves in a place that we cannot complete a poem or write in the moment.  However, haikus take away that excuse.  There is no need to not finish a haiku.  Its simply 5 syllables followed by 7 syllables and then 5 more to finish!  This Friday, the ladies of "the 5th Woman" 2015 will try their hands at a Haiku slam.  

Its so fun to look forward into the year for the great writing that will happen for the show and the slam team.  Don't miss out on all that we are doing because the next 9 months will be legendary!