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The 5th Woman News

May 20 Slam featuring Origgins - What an amazing night! We were in a new location, Bar Marley and the location paired with the amazing show that was April 23, 2016 made the night so worth it! We had our largest audience to date at the slam and Origgins did an amazing job in her first feature performance ever. She shared poetry that encouraged all women to be their best self as well as empowered those that may have experienced a broken heart. It was amazing and to see a poet that came from the 5th Woman make her debut as a featured artist really made it all worth it. Alternate Roots Grant Assistance - I have always wanted to be able to do more for the poets that put in the work to make the 5th Woman what it has become. This year I was able to do that because of the Artistic Assistance Grant from Alternate ROOTS Funds are made available by The Nathan Cummings Foundation, The Ford Foundation, the Surdna Foundation and The Andrew W. Mellon Foundation.


Season Passes - So I had this great idea to do season passes for the next season. They are available through August and you can save money. The sooner you get them the more money you save. Remember that slams are $5 in advance each month and your ticket to The 5th Woman 2017 is included in the season pass. Those tickets are $20 per person! So go ahead and get your season pass now and save yourself some money in the long run!

Features - We are building the calendar for the next season. If there is a poet you would like to see or hear from, let me know. If you are a poet that wants to feature at the 5th Woman let me know. You can also just contact me because you want to share your story as a part of the 5th Woman 2017.

Tell It All Web Series - We are getting ready to really amp up the episodes of Tell it All, so make sure you subcribe to T5W youtube channel for all things that have to do with the 5th Woman!

Thanks for your continued support!