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You Are Winning

This week has been entirely too chaotic. Every ounce of my day has been allotted and stress has been boiling over. I usually pride myself on the idea that I can say no and turn down engagements that will overload my life. However, this week I have truly been tested. Each night I lay down hoping to fall asleep quickly, yet my mind continues to race. All the things I need to do. All the things I didn’t have time to finish. OVERWHELMING. On top of a move, I have had the largest poetry slam of the year, preparation for Poetry vs. Hip Hop, a field trip at school (if you are a teacher, you know how much effort goes into a single field trip), teaching a poetry workshop for high school students, curating art for a new app, leading youth group at my church, and participating in a women’s small group. Don’t even think about having a normal dating life and never mind eating right and actually getting a decent workout. Summer body--who needs it?

Just yesterday, as I was picking up my Chick-Fil-A drive-thru dinner, it hit me: I want to remember to be thankful. I am seeing the fruit of my labor and success in my art. I am busy because I am gaining more opportunities. People are requesting me for poetry and choreography. I’m being trusted with more opportunities for leadership in my church. Chains are falling.  My community is strong. Love is there. So sure, I have a lot on my plate, but it’s a pretty fantastic plate and I am filled.

As I go in and out of chaotic seasons, I want to remember to breathe and find rest in the midst of the mess. I do not quite have that figured out yet. (If you have any suggestions… DM me lol) But I do think it’s possible. Yes, it may not be wise to overload your schedule. You may need to say no to some things. But on weeks like this; when everything seems to happen all at once, embrace it. Do your best. Look around and realize … you are winning.

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