our words.

And the winner of the Haiku Slam is….


If you missed the Haiku slam then you truly missed a treat.  Not only did members of "the 5th Woman" 2015 participate and share their attempts at haikus.  We were blessed by youth poets Lilly and Noah and got a few non-poets to step up and share their haikus as well.  The night ended with a cipher and music!  So if you missed it, you missed a treat!  You can be at next one in August!  Check out some pictures of those that shared.


The Cast has been Chosen

   After auditions and extra writing assignments the cast of "the 5th Woman" 2015 has been chosen. I am so excited to be working with this group of ladies. Here they are!

Coy "Oh So Coy" Kindred - a native of Syracuse, NY this young lady brings new light to the words "Poet Hustler". She is a dynamic poet with beautiful connections to the world around her.


Olivia Riggins is new the world of poetry, but not new to the stage.  She brings a brand new passion to "the 5th Woman" and will surprise you with her take on the world.


Desiree Seay is another new comer with a connection to the church that we rarely hear from.  She is a PK and shares raw truth with us from a God perspective.  She promises to provide new views on topics for all women.


Kari "WordNerd" Sanders is an an Atlanta, GA native.  She is the baby of the cast and promises to bring a rawness to the show that will open eyes and change lives.  She has been writing for years and shares her life of struggle openly with passion in her poetry.


and Rhea "RheaSunshine" Carmon is the founder of "the 5th Woman" and the veteran mother of the crew.  As the originator of the show and producer and director, she shares years of experience and coaching with the cast that brings the show to new levels.  



Needless to say, you do not want to miss "the 5th Woman" 2015 and you don't want to miss anything leading up to this show.  #the5thWoman2015