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As the 5th Woman evolves into a community organization that is writing to radicalize the souls of women by telling the untold stories of women and girls across our nation. The touring collective is taking on new ventures. We will be presenting workshops, shows, circle talks, and presentations that bring light to the stories of women and those that identify as woman throughout the year. The 5th Woman fellowship is no longer available as an entry point into this amazing group of poets. However, there is an internship available that will allow a person to audition for the collective and participate as in intern for 3 months.

Requirements to audition in the touring collective are as follows:

  • Previously involved in a 5th Woman Stage presentation/Willingness to do 3-month internship

  • Commitment to growth as a performance poet

  • Ability to write poetry on specified topics and meet submission deadlines

  • Ability to be a team player and take constructive criticism

  • Commitment to create and distribute poetry product

  • Commitment to assist in the maintenance and growth of the 5th Woman brand.

There is a rolling deadline for application to the touring collective: the last day of the month in July, October, January, and April.


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