The Practice of Poetry, V.

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The Practice of Poetry, V.



Seed Lynn is a Chicago-based creative who centers his work in the listening arts, where he aids communities in the discovery and development of their most sensitive, and often sacred, narratives. His mediums include photography, film, and audio engineering. 

Before departing to Chicago in 2011, Seed called Knoxville home for over 10 years and was a vibrant presence in the spoken word poetry and theatre communities. It is our joy to welcome Seed, his stories and story tools in the upcoming workshop, The Ghost & The Grace: confronting the past in our present with craft and care.


Daje Morris is a writer, photographer, and singer-songwriter currently based in Knoxville, TN. She may often be found toeing the lines between introversion, extroversion, and shamelessness. Her creative process centers in the work of exposing beauty in all of it's messy and inarticulate forms.

As a poet, she performed with the 5th Woman (2016 - 2017). In 2017, she published her first collection of poems, On Becoming Gold, in digital and print formats. 

Her work can be found and


The Practice of Poetry is a workshop series dedicated to the utilization of poetry as a healing, meditative practice. With all of the things happening in the world today, we believe that our words can serve as a balm to ourselves and our culture. Whether we speak them aloud or keep them quietly written down, we believe that there is value in using the tool of poetry to reveal and work through our process.

This workshop series will serve a dual purpose:

To unite our understanding of the power of our stories shared.

To create space for our stories to be processed in safe and inspired environments.

Each workshop will consist of a theme, discussion, and a facilitator. Workshops will vary in length, price, and class capacity, depending on the topics to be discussed.


The 5th Woman is a collective of poets who write to radicalize the souls of women in all of their expressions and forms.

The name comes from Nina Simone's, The Four Women. Ever since Rhea, our Founder, first heard this powerful song about the feminine/femme experience years ago, she always felt as if it wasn't inclusive of hers and other's feminine experience. It reminded her of the many spaces in our culture where the woman's narrative is often silenced, especially for those who exist deeply in the margins and intersections. When Rhea began to express her narrative through the powerful tenet of spoken word poetry twenty years ago, she realized that there is healing to be found in the act of speaking our stories aloud. She then destined an addition to Simone's narrative. The fifth woman was to be named Poetry. She is, she loves, she hurts, she laughs, and she inspires. She represents all women. Poetry creates space for every woman to be heard.

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